Complete Academic Responsibility Of The Child...


Why Dream India Schools Dream India is a dream to see an Educated and Empowered India

DIS’s Unique Academic System has many exclusivities; entrusting Complete Academic Responsibility with the School.

Emphasis on Spoken English

World is evolving to stay more connected and open day by day. Everyone knows the importance of communication in this ultra modern world. All Indians want their child to learn and speak English. Each of DIS schools has a fully developed English language lab within its computer lab, where DIS students are given training on English language and communication. Regular tests are undertaken and results are generated. Additionally, DIS has designed a separate program called “Fluency improvement and necessitating English” (FINE) to improve communication skills of students. DIS has a separate team of teachers who are specially trained in this aspect.

Uniquely crafted and graded state curriculum in CBSE pattern ( English Medium )

Qualified and experienced faculty

DIS has strict recruitment policies for selection procedure of Teachers. Even after selection, the teachers are made to undergo regular training sessions. This ensures that the Teachers follow the very principle of DIS i.e. Taking Complete Academic Responsibility of Students. DIS has a separate pool of IIT / Medicine foundation experts / teachers who are paramount in their subject. Today, DIS / KTS has a pool of more than 3000 qualified, talented and competent teachers.

Guided Study Hour System

Every day is divided into two sessions at DIS. The morning session is dedicated to teaching and the evening session for study hours. The topics that are taught in the morning, students are made to learn and practise the same in the second session, under the guidance of a subject expert and a subject assistant. This relieves the students from the stress and strain of home works and tuitions. Human brains are programmed in such fashion that if we continuously make a person do the same work / job for extended hours then his / her grasping capacity may decrease. Thus at DIS by injecting continuous study sessions with physical activity classes intermittently; the much required care has been taken into due consideration for improving the students performance and grasping capacity.

Integrated IIT / Medicine Foundation

Integrated IIT / Medicine Foundation coaching for classes VI-X

Surely these are times that belong to those who are born with a computer in hand! The prodigy of yesteryears is a normal child of today. For our youth to stay in the race, their I.Q. has to go up! The best of schools may not find the time to pay special attention on the student’s exceptional flair for Maths and Science. To bridge this gap, DIS came out with the concept of IIT / Medicine foundation coaching for classes VI- X. Properly nourished, a kid’s potential is limitless. The limit of their growth is the standard we set for them. We have to develop their ability for independent thinking and analysis, without making mental monsters of them. Their awareness of Mathematics and Science has to be heightened very early in this age of the Information Super Highway. It is against this background that DIS integrated IIT / Medicine foundation coaching seeks to give our students that extra input necessary for carving out such a successful professional career. The course is integrated in such a way, that the foundation classes do not disturb regular curriculum. In-fact, it enriches the student’s knowledge.

General Studies (VI – X) and GK (I – V) classes

Keeping the same philosophy as mentioned above, we train our students specially in general studies / General knowledge. This enables them to be updated with what is happening across the globe or be prepared to face any competitive exam across India like IIT / Medicine / UPSC/GMAT/CAT with confidence from an early age.

Weekly Examination & Evaluation

Apart from regular term examinations and unit tests, DIS has developed a unique system to conduct weekly examinations and evaluation system. These examinations are common for all the schools across India with common question papers. Such exposure makes our students mentally tough to face any board examination further in their life. This unique examination system also reduces the stress students undergo / undertake at the time of final examination as the students are better prepared and the preparation is spread over the whole year.

Common Academic Program
DIS follows common academic program at all its schools across India. An annual micro scheduling (named ‘DIS Year Book’) is done at the starting of the academic year and circulated to all the schools. This ensures implementation of common academics. Common program is related to regular as well as IIT/Medicine foundation.Counselling SessionsTo ensure proper nurturing of the students, our kids are regularly counselled by senior teachers for their better performance. Every year special counselling sessions by psychologists are conducted for students / teachers as well as parents across our schools in India.

Regular Parent Teacher Interaction Program

Regular parent teacher interaction meetings are conducted after every unit test to share the progress of the child.

Extra curricular Activities

In order to lay emphasis on extra curricular activities, every Saturday, special sessions are arranged for encouraging the children to show case their hidden talents. On this occasion, several competitions are organized; National festivals are celebrated in each of DIS school.