Complete Academic Responsibility Of The Child...


What Sets Us Apart Dream India is a dream to see an Educated and Empowered India

Complete Academic Responsibility

It is common fact that in today’s scenario of competitive and fast paced world, most of the parents don’t find time to keep in track of their ward’s progress day to day. Even if the parent finds time, he may not be sure about the subject. In a conventional way, such parents send their wards to tuitions.

DIS came out with a solution to all such problems with this innovative idea of ensuring ‘Complete Academic Responsibility of the Child…’. Our institution is the first to introduce such a wonderful concept. The student can learn all the concepts in the School campus itself. This Unique Academic System has been proved to be very advantageous to the students; ensuring Complete Academic Responsibility with the School.

Best Results Year After Year


  • Secured more than two hundred seats in IIT-JEE in last three years.
  • More than one hundred medicine seats in last three years.
  • Thousands of students pursuing engineering in reputed colleges.
  • Secured several seats in premier institutes like IIIT, BITS Pilani, VIET,  AIIMS etc.
  • Several state toppers and district toppers in nationwide talent tests like A.S.Rao, Science Olympiad, VCCE, Unified Council etc.
  • Top grades in SSC examinations every year.
  • More than 50% of our Students score 500+ marks aggregate out of 600 every year.
  • Many students got 10/10 GPA in the previous SSC results. (Introduced recently)

Our edeavour to make quality Education Accessible and Affordable

Whooping escalation year after year in the inflation figures are leaving most of the parents incapable of providing the best and most deserved upbringing to their own children. Quality Education being the most imperative aspect for upbringing a child has become critical concern to the parents as they are unable to pay the exorbitant School education fee for providing quality education to their children. Dream India through Dream India Schools is providing solutions for two of the biggest challenges concerning India and Indians in providing quality education to India’s future i.e. Accessibility and Affordability. Dream India Schools is one of the biggest English Medium School chain in India catering to 43500 students in 145 schools.


  • 145 Schools  (Largest Chain of English Medium School across India)
  • Presence across 9 states in India
  • 43500 Students
  • Trust of 87000 wise parents
  • 3500 Teaching and non-Teaching staff
  • Highly integrated education system
  • Robust IT infrastructure