Complete Academic Responsibility Of The Child...


Our Teachers Dream India is a dream to see an Educated and Empowered India

DIS has strict recruitment policies for selection of Teachers. Even after selection, the teachers are required to undergo regular training sessions. This ensures that the teachers follow the very principle of DIS i.e., Complete Academic Responsibility of the child. DIS has a separate pool of IIT / Medicine foundation experts/teachers who are the best in their subject. Today, DIS has a pool of more than 3000 talented and competent teachers.

DIS believes that quality teachers are the strength of the nation. We strongly advocate this by employing qualified teachers and empowering them (post joining) to customize their efforts to best suit our curriculum and teaching practices. By this they find happiness in their profession to build future citizens of the nation. Keeping all the present day needs we have evolved with a curriculum that equips them towards holistic teaching and learning.

We conduct in house training for our teachers through online training sessions from the central office during weekends. The teachers are trained & provided guidance about different methodologies and techniques of pedagogy. They are put to hands on activity and lot of assessments from time to time. Our teachers are also exposed to the use of ICT in classroom teaching to enhance their skills and overall learning experience of classroom. They also undergo regular assessment & evaluation process.

Since communication skills of teachers are imperative thus we train our teachers in conversational skills and etiquette too. Different subject related experts will train in their respective fields using modern technology, Understanding the behavioural pattern amongst children through psychology, Working with basic art and craft to enhance the visibility factor of schools, equip candidates to understand normal mile stone achievement, Inadequacies of food and nutrition etc.

All this is solely done to make sure that our students can milk the best in education.