Complete Academic Responsibility Of The Child...


Health & Safety

DIS attaches equal importance to the Safety of the Students.

  • A local doctor is attached to each of DIS schools.
  • Fire exit signs /alarms are installed on each floor.
  • The Building Map with exit signs are installed at strategic locations within the school.
  • Each of DIS school have undergone Fire and Safety audit done by experts.
  • Enough Fire protection measures have been undertaken.
  • Clean Water and Sanitation facilities are arranged for students.
  • To ensure proper monitoring and safety of all DIS students, each of DIS schools are installed with CCTV Cameras within its campus. The campus activity can be accessed by Parents on their computers at home.

We expect students to behave responsibly, recognizing the rights of others to be physically safe, emotionally secure, and to pursue their own learning without interference. We equally expect complete support from Parents for smooth implementation of the school activities. The following school rules and regulations apply to student actions at any time when under the supervision and guidance of school personnel.Students, teachers and parents should work closely together to insure excellent behavior and educational success. Please read these policies over very carefully, and discuss them with your children.

Rules for Students : Students should –

  • Follow school guidelines.
  • Come to the school In neat and full uniform.
  • Ensure they wear their Identity card all the time while in School Campus.
  • Respect teachers, principals and others in authority.
  • Participate in all activities as organized by the School from time to time.
  • Never leave the school for any reason unless they are accompanied by their parent, guardian or school faculty members, after being properly “signed-out” at the School Office.
  • Maintain discipline while in Classroom or outside within the School campus.
  • Behave in a manner that does not disrupt classroom learning or the operation of the school.

Rules for Parents : Parents should –

  • Pay the student fees (only either directly in Bank or at the Fees counter in the School) on Time.
  • Come to school as and when called by Principal/Teachers
  • Attend Parent Teachers Meet when called.
  • Participate in Counseling sessions.
  • Participate in various events as notified by the School Management.
  • Seek prior appointment from Principal/Teachers in case they want to meet with them.
  • Regularly check their email account and regularly login to our MIS Portal to track Students progress and notifications.
  • Whenever a student is absent from school for any reason, a note should be sent to school.