Complete Academic Responsibility Of The Child...


Academics Dream India is a dream to see an Educated and Empowered India

Unique Academic System

It is common fact that in today’s scenario of competitive and fast paced world, most of the parents don’t find time to keep in track of their ward’s progress day to day. Even if the parent finds time, he may not be sure about the subject. In a conventional way, such parents send their wards to tuitions.

DIS came out with a solution to all such problems with this innovative idea of ensuring ‘Complete Academic Responsibility of the Child…’. Our institution is the first to introduce such a wonderful concept. The student can learn all the concepts in the School campus itself. This Unique Academic System has been proved to be very advantageous to the students; ensuring Complete Academic Responsibility with the School.

Complete Academic Responsibility Of The Child

CBSE Pattern, English Medium

Each of DIS Schools is English Medium School with uniquely developed, highly evolved and graded state curriculum based on CBSE Pattern.

Emphasis on Spoken English through fully developed English Language Lab and FINE (Fluency Improvement and Necessitating English)

English is one of the main focus areas of Dream India Schools. To ensure English language learning, a blend of online and offline technique is adopted. Fully developed English Language Lab in DIS ICT Labs and a separate program called “Fluency Improvement and Necessitating English” (FINE) to improve communication skills of students is undertaken in each of DIS Schools.

Extended School Timings

DIS School Timings are extended to ensure that nothing is left out in accomplishing ‘Complete Academic Responsibility’. Please find our nearest DIS School and visit for more details. 

Guided Study Hour System – Eliminating Tuitions Requirement

At DIS, a day is divided into two sessions. The morning session is dedicated to teaching and the evening session for study hours. The topic that is taught in the morning session, students will be made to learn in the afternoon session under the guidance of a Subject Expert & a Subject Assistant. This relieves the students from the stress and strain of home works and tuitions.


No Carrying of Bags, No Home works – Except practical project work, the rest is done at School

It is terrifying for the parents to see that the students have a lot of home work to do and carrying of bags filled with lots of books. But in DIS, the system is designed in such a way that the children need not do home work at home as it is done in the study hours only, facilitating them not to carry the bags of books to their home.

IIT / Medicine Foundation Coaching For Classes VI-X

For our youth to stay in the race, their I.Q. has to go up. The best of schools may not find the time to pay special attention on the student’s exceptional flair for Maths and Science. To fill up this gap, DIS came out with the concept of IIT / Medicine foundation coaching for classes VI- X. The children’s awareness of Mathematics and Science has to be heightened very early in this age of the Information Super Highway. It is against this background that DIS integrated IIT / Medicine foundation coaching seeks to give our students that extra input necessary for carving out a successful professional career. The course is integrated in such a way, that the foundation classes do not disturb regular curriculum. In-fact, it enriches the student’s knowledge.

General Studies (VI–X) & GK (I–V) Classes

DIS students are trained specially in General Studies/General Knowledge. This enables them to be updated with what is happening across the globe or be prepared to face any competitive exam across India like IIT/Medicine/UPSC with confidence from an early age.

Weekly Examination & Evaluation

Apart from regular term examinations and unit tests, DIS has developed a unique system to conduct weekly examinations and evaluation system. Again these examinations are common for all the schools with common question papers. Such exposure makes our students mentally tough to face any board examination further in their life. This unique examination system also reduces the stress that students undergo at the time of final examinations as our students are better prepared over the whole year.

Common Academic Program

DIS follows common academic program across all its schools in India. An annual micro scheduling (DIS Year Book) is done at the starting of the academic year and circulated to all the schools. This ensures implementation of common academics across each of our schools. Common program is prepared for both regular as well as IIT/Medicine foundation.

Counseling Sessions

To ensure proper upbringing of the students, our kids are regularly counseled by senior teachers for their better performance. Every year special counseling sessions by psychologists are conducted for students, teachers and parents across all our schools in India.

Regular Parent Teacher Interaction Program

Regular parent teacher interaction meetings are conducted after every Unit Test to share the progress of the child. The weekly score card combined with Unit Test score card provides a holistic picture to the teachers and parents where the child is lacking and additional focus is required.

Extracurricular Activities

Emphasis is given to extracurricular activities as well. Every Saturday, special sessions are arranged to encourage the children to show case their hidden talents. Several competitions are organized; National festivals are celebrated in our schools.

Meditation & Yoga

Educating children should be holistic, not just a process of stuffing their head with information. Just coming to the class and learning a few lessons is not really bringing up a child. We have to see the needs for complete development because body and mind are linked. Hence, DIS conducts meditation in every session which can make children calmer, more peaceful, happier and relaxed; every time they practice it. This increases their attention in the classroom and of course the retention of the knowledge they gain.


Sports Integrated Curriculum

Physical education plays a vital role in the students’ development and growth. DIS gives equal importance to physical activity and sports in a structured and age appropriate sports curriculum.


Technology and Computer Education is given as much importance as Academics. Dream India School firmly believes that in order to truly achieve the objective of ‘Quality Education for all’ and provide solutions to Accessibility and Affordability, technology will play one of the most important roles.